Kwame AI (Beta)

Kwame is here to help you ace your WASSCE Science exams!

  1. Instant Answers

    Ask Kwame questions related to WASSCE Science subjects and get instant answers! You even get past WASSCE past questions and answers related to your question.
  2. View Past Questions

    Filter and view past questions by topic or year. Kwame AI provides the convenience of revising either on a topic-by-topic basis or actual exam years.
  3. Detailed Solutions

    Deepen your understanding with detailed solutions. Kwame AI provides explanations for all answers including objectives (not just the letter answer). No more cramming, pass and forget!
  4. Verified Answers

    Our answers have been provided by NSMQ winners and teachers who are WAEC Examiners.

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Preview of Kwame AI
Preview of Kwame AI